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Anti-radiation signal block celphone pouch
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Anti-radiation signal block celphone pouch
Product Name:Anti-radiation signal block celphone pouch
Product Model:FTM-ARPC04

Anti-radiation celphone pouch

Brief Intro.
Size: 7.67X3.93"
Material: Canvas pouch
Features 2 separate shield compartments: Compartment #1: Radiation block th RF Shield (Receive calls & text while blocking radiation).
Compartment #2: Radiation block with complete phone signal shield (Prevent incoming calls while blocking radiation).
* Also use as a RFID card/ passport holder to prevent identity theft.

Brief Intro:
This phone bag makes your cell phone disappear from the grid network. Designed for blocking all wireless frequencies either produced or received by mobile cell phones, GPS trackers, GSM trackers RFID readers etc. Offers an ideal solution to prevent tracking and hacking of your cellphone. After putting a cell phone into the bag and sealing the cover, the cell phone will lose signal seconds later. It will appear unavailable or network busy. The bag can also block harmful radiations and degaussing.

1. This Phone bag has a great effect against radiation to ensure positive health. Recommended for pregnant cell phone users. 2. If you don't want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the bag, and then the phone will tell "Calls cannot be connected".
3. ID card, bank cards, such as IC Magnetism card, putting into the bag, can avoid magnetism lost and information leaks.
4. Scope of application: mobile phones, GPS, digital cameras, memory, credit cards and other portable electronic products.

Cool! You can now control when legitimate authorities scan your information and only when YOU let them to! The bag will shield all manner of electronic devices including cell phones. It will block all outgoing and incoming signals from all tracking devices. This special RF blocking pouch is made of flexible material that blocks radio frequency electromagnetic fields (Faraday Cage Principle) so that your location cannot be tracked, your data intercepted or your conversations overheard.
The pouch has two pockets. When your cell phone is placed in the back silver pocket all signals will be blocked. If the phone is placed in the front pocket the phone will send and receive signals normally while still physically protecting your phone. You can use it to easily blocks cell phone signals. Signal is automatically re-acquired when phone is taken out of the bag.

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