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Natural black nephrite bian stone bangle
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Natural black nephrite bian stone bangle
Product Name:Natural black nephrite bian stone bangle
Product Model:FTM-BB04
Natural black nephrite bian stone bangle
Treat hair loss,gastrointestinal disease,constipation,obesity,diabete Natural bian stone
What is Bian-Stone?
Bian-Stone also named Black Nephrite, Bianchi, Black Obsidian, etc.
Bian-stone therapy is one of the most ancient Health Care&medical Treatment in old China. It's tools almost all are Jade or Stone, so called as Bian-Stone.
Use the Bian-Stone to cure is known as Bian Therapy. Its originator of External Medical Therapy of Tradiational Chinese Medicine, the predecessor of External Medical Therapy as Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Kerikan, Burn Therapy, Picking Therapy, Cupping Therapy, tec. which now we still use, and started 2.5 millian years ago the the Paleolithic Period, and prevailing duing Shang&Yin period.
1.) contain over 30 kinds of microelement and minerals wich beneficial to our body, and over 16 kinds rare elements.
2.) with 14.5-16.5 far infrared radiation, 3698 20-2000/Hz ultrasound, kind of nanometer crystallite physical properties.
3.) Microcirculation regulation, mentally relaxing and improve the motor function
4.) Adjust the local heat, relaxing muscles, relieve stress
5.) promote blood circulation, clears toxins and fatigue factor
6.) Relieve Bursitis, Sciatica, Headache, Arthritis, Premenstrual Syndrome, etc.
7.) combine with Main-collateral Channels and shu-acupoint, effectively promote the blood flow velocity, inhibit cancer cell growth and clear surplus fat deposition.
Suitable for the croud:
Who use PC, cellphone or machines with electromagnetic radiation for long time
Who ork fast and under pressure for long time
Who suffer poor circulation, waist, shoulder and neck are liable to be stiff and pain,
Who have high pressure, need continue to relax and rejuvenesce
Who often have insomnia and low spirits, need to improve energy and physical power
Who decline in immunity, need to improve physical fitness
Attention Please
[1] No-magnetic product, can be ware with other Health Care Products, and no negative effect with othe medical apparatus and instruments.
[2] Safe, no side effect, especiall suit for long time wear, and long time use will enhance performance.
[3] The Bian-Stone is a little fragile, so please avoid fierce crash with hard objects during wearing.
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