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titanium germanium magnet tournaline ion bracelet
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titanium germanium magnet tournaline ion bracelet
Product Name:titanium germanium magnet tournaline ion bracelet
Product Model:FTM-TB99
Benefits of Titanium (Ti), Germanium (Ge), Magnet
Metallic titanium is high silver light, corrosion resisting and high stability, constant touch skin will not influence corporeity, it’s the only exist metal that will not cause sideeffect to human plant nerve and gustatory nerves, Ti can devour pathological cell and increasing immunity.
The Germanium will release the beneficial far infrared ray, enhance silf curativepower, improve physical fitness, increase metabolism, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, regulate blood pressure, strengthens the body biofield isolate electromagnetic radiation, such as cell phone, computer, television and other electronic devices. When the temperature over 32°C the Ge will release negative ion, quickly absorb positive hydrogen ion, rearrange the chaotic, abnormal potential rightly, and discharge the poison (positive ion) of lymph, neutralize the acidity so as to avoid radiation, inhibit the tumor deteriorating.
Magnet, the Earth itself is gigantic magnetic field, human adapted to or even rely on magnet, weak and steady magnetic field benefits to organism. The magnet therapy always applied in Medicine, the weak magnetic field lines constantly stimulate the circulatory system to enhance the blood circulation and improve biological magnetic field, to allaying tiredness and meliorating sleep.
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