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The Benefits of Bio-Magnetic Therapy

The Benefits of Bio-Magnetic Therapy
Although bio-magnetic therapy is not officially approved as a healing method or practice, too many users of this therapy method gain significant joint pain relieving benefits for it to be dismissed.

The fact that iron, a magnetic metal contained in haemoglobin, making up around 4% of human blood content is a clear indication that should areas of the body be exposed to magnets there will be an effect on that area. In simple terms magnets placed around a damaged joint will attract more blood to that area, thereby increasing the oxygen and nutrient delivery to damaged cells, increasing the rate of the healing process. It is also believed that because magnetic fields temporarily alter the molecular structure of the blood in the area where they are worn, it flows more easily into cartilage and bone, again increasing the rate of healing.

It is also believed that magnets activate acupuncture points and meridians, bringing about the buzzing sensation in the chest and abdomen which is a sign that such points have been stimulated. Some acupuncturists now replace needles with permanent magnets as it is painless and allows treatment to continue after a consultation.

Bio-magnetic therapy is becoming recognised as a suitable alternative form of treatment for sufferers of fibromyalgia, a name given to wide spread pain of the muscles, but not joints. Although not life-threatening or progressive it is a chronic condition, whereby sufferers have severe aches and pains throughout their body’s, often feeling worse in the mornings or in cold and damp conditions. Recent research carried out at the University of Virginia in the US concluded that magnetic therapy reduced fibromyalgia pain intensity enough to be “clinically meaningful”.

Therefore in conclusion it is fair to say that bio-magnetic therapy brings “clinically meaningful” pain relieving benefits to sufferers of both joint and muscular pain.

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